How to teach your Dog to “come”, “sit” and “stay”

how to teach your dog to come

How do you train a dog to “come”? or rather, how do you teach your dog to come when called? In the next few minutes, you are going to learn simple dog training tips that will show you how to get your dog to come to you, and even make him “sit” or “stay”.

In order to eliminate behavioural problems in your dog, you need to teach him few basic commands, like “come” “sit” and “stay” commands. Obedience training will not only help your dog, it will also strengthen the relationship between you two. By training your dog to “come” when called, you can also keep him away from danger.
Really, it sounds quite simple in theory! You tell your puppy or dog to come and he comes to your feet, without so much hesitation, then you play with him and probably reward him. In the real sense, every dog owner wants it to be like that. Unfortunately, this is not always the story. They end up chasing their dog up and down, shouting his name as he runs away from them.

Sometimes, the only thing you can do to get your dog running at you, is to start the engine of your car and wait for him to rush to you. Contrary to what you might think or what you may have been told, it is very easy to train a dog to come. However, this will only be possible when you know the secrets of doing it.
The real reason so many dog owners aren’t successful at training their dogs to obey simple commands, is that, there are some logical and simple steps that must be followed. Let me tell you one of them

Never chase your Dog!

Exactly what you just read! Do not chase your dog, even if he is not willing to come to you. It sounds like something people should know normally, but many people end up doing it, whether consciously or unconsciously. You may not necessarily run after him! When you call your dog and he runs in the opposite direction, you try to go after him and shout his name. By doing this, you are already chasing after him. This is a big mistake you must avoid at all cost.
It is so easy to get your puppy to chase you when you know how to do it. You don’t need to chase or scream for your dog to come running. Learn to be the pack leader and your dog will chase after you without any stress.

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How to teach your Dog to COME

The “come” command is actually a simple command that is easy to teach. To practise it, move close to your dog and say “come”, while pulling on the leash. When he gets to you, hold him tight and play with him. Preferably, reward him with a treat. After 5 or 6 trials, practise the command without the leash, only in a secured place.
In addition to knowing how to get your dog to come to you, you must also learn how to make him sit and also stay

How to teach your Dog to SIT

Teaching a dog to “sit” is far easier than you ever thought. To start, you need to move close to your dog, while holding a treat close to his nose. Now, gently move your hand up and let his head move in the direction of the treat. By raising his head, his bottom goes down. Once he is in this position, say “Sit” and let him have the treat. After repeating this 4-5 times, your dog would have mastered this. Occasionally, tell him to sit and watch as he obeys you.

How to teach your Dog to STAY

After training your dog to sit, it’s time to teach him how to “stay”. It is also a simple training. Stay in front of your dog and stretch your fingers out, showing your palm. Say “stay”. Move some steps backwards and watch him. If he stays, reward him with a treat and play with him. If not, you need to repeat the command till his response is impressive. It could take a longer time to train a puppy to obey this command, so try to exercise patience.
These three commands can keep your dog safe and help in building a great relationship with him. It is worth knowing that obedience training takes time. Also, do your best to make the training fun.

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