How to Calm and Control a Destructive Dog

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How would you feel if you returned home to see holes dug in the garden, mess everywhere or chewed furniture here and there? Sometimes, it may even be worse than all these. You may receive a letter from the authority, giving you a stipulated time to resolve your dog’s behaviour or else, you face a fine. Now you’ve got to love your dog and do the right thing.

In contrast, there may never be barking or disturbance when you are at home with your dog. There is always a big difference between when you are there with your dog and when he is alone. I have good news for anyone who is in this situation! As a matter of fact, it is one of the most common and easy-to address behavioural issues. You can learn how to stop this problem by visiting Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer. It is a comprehensive dog training program that teaches effective dog training strategies. You can try it for 3 days, for just $1.

The other part of this article explains why your dog barks and become destructive in your absence.

Here is an analogy for you. Imagine you were a parent with a child of one year old. You are expected to look after the child, care for him and protect him. How would you react if your child gets locked up inside the house, while you are outside? Would you sit and remain calm? Never! Instead, you would shout and scream to do everything possible to get out of the house. You will probably pull on the doors and the windows. Your energy levels would increase and stress will set in. Just as human beings express stress through shouting, excessive drinking or eating, gambling and addictions, dogs also express stress through “unnecessary” barking.

This happens when your dog thinks he is the pack leader and he should take care of you. This leaves your dog “stressed” when he is alone; he becomes worried, unhappy and restless.

If you leave your house at 8 am every day throughout the week, and you leave your dog at home, again and again. Just imagine how your lovely pet will feel. He becomes stressed and this could be expressed through continuously barking, destructive behaviour, chewing or digging of holes. He becomes unsettled and wanders around all day long, doing so many naughty and silly things. The solution is straight forward and logical! It does not cost you so much. You need to be the pack leader! When you become the pack leader, your dog will behave calm and be happily at rest.

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