Your Dog Wants You to be the Pack Leader

This article will answer two important questions you should know as a dog owner.

The first is, is it important to be the pack leader or not?

The second question is, should the pack leader be aggressive in his behaviour?

Do you really need to shout, beat your chest, or smack your dog, for him to become the alpha dog? Knowing the answers to these questions could transform the relationship between you and your lovely pet

be the pack leader

  1. Is it important to be the pack leader or not? Consider these facts…

Dogs are believed to be pack animals; and a pack consists of a leader and followers. It is not possible to change this fact. It is simply how dogs behave and it is their way of life.

The leader of the pack is known to be the decision maker and the followers in the pack obey his “instructions” to the letter. Dogs live their life as pack animals in the wild, being descendants of another pack animal, wolf. Now at home, they continue to live as pack animals though not many people realize this fact. Other members in the pack could be other dogs, cats or even humans! Every dog sees these beings as part of the pack,

At homes, dogs are very easy to please and they obey your commands without questioning. Training a dog can be very easy if you follow the right dog training tips and techniques.

You may have come across people who have amazing, quiet and easy dog. Then you begin to wonder what special thing they have done to their dog. Your own case might be totally different if your dog gives you a lot of headache.

How can this be? Anyway, there is a secret behind it. It has nothing to do with how good you are. The honest truth is that, some dogs are easier to train than others. People who have such easy dogs go about telling other people how easy and simple it is to train a dog, whereas in reality, they are just lucky to have a cool pet.

If your dog is very smart and difficult to handle, you have to know what you are doing and the messages to pass across to him. You may find it difficult to train dogs like this, if you don’t know what you are doing. Here is the good news! You can train these types of dogs by ensuring that YOU are the pack leader. Without this, you may struggle to train your dog

The breed of a dog has little or nothing to do with having “easy” or “difficult” dogs. It is about personality and character! You may find yourself constantly bribing your dog and battling with every dog training technique. It is just like swimming upstream! the struggle never ends but you get exhausted after some time. This will happen when your dog does not see you as the pack leader!

I came across two great articles by Cesar Millan and specialty dog training They will help you in  becoming the pack leader your dog wants you to be

  1. Should the pack leader be aggressive in his behaviour?

To be the best pack leader, you need to be calm and consistent. Great pack leaders must not scream, shout, hurt, or smack the dog. Some of the tips used years ago, do not apply again.

Those old school training strategies often encourage you to dominate your dog physically, using a lot of force and confrontation, which would not end well.

The best way to train your dog is to actually win his mind in a gentle and calm way, so that he accepts you as the pack leader through choice, and not fear. This is the new dog training strategy that will revolutionize the way we train and live with our dogs.

When you learn how our dogs see the world (they want you to be the pack leader), then you can improve on your behaviour and communicate clearly in the language they understand. It is very important that you communicate the right messages, rather than simply using human psychology to relate with a dog. It is not possible to apply
cat or goat psychology to a dog. So, why should we apply human psychology?

As primates, we evolved from apes. However, dogs are canine animals that evolved from the wolves and there are some subtle but crucial differences! When you understand your dog’s mind and where they are coming from, training will become very easy. If you are still struggling to train your dog and relate with him, the chances are that your dog does not see you as the pack leader.

Be the pack leader today and make your dog a happier pet




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