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Welcome to! The number one website to get top-notch tips on how to eliminate aggressive behaviour in your puppy and dogs. All the tips and information apply to all breeds of dogs and we do hope you appreciate who we are and what we stand for.

Aggression is a very dangerous behaviour that puts every dog owner off! No one would like own a dog that charges at people, bites people around, growls or jump too frequently. Whatever the form of aggression your dog is displaying; dominance, redirected, fear, territorial, protective, possessive, social or sex-related, we strongly believe that through the right training, you can change his or her behaviour and develop a greater relationship!

We have something in common! We love dogs and we want the best for them. We are committed to teaching effective training strategies that will not only make you a proud owner, but also give your dogs the best possible treatment.  Consequently, we strive to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Our Mission


  • Provide tips and resources on how to stop aggressive behaviour in dogs.
  • Build and maintain positive and consistent behaviours in dog, at all times
  • Help dog owners strengthen the relationship between them and their lovely pet